Trackstar the DJ
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wadup trackstar.... you really just got linked up with these legends by sending an email???? that's pretty fly if so...

allright, peace gawd

Trackstar the DJ responded on 07/30/2014

peace sir!

It was actually a phone call...but yeah I called Mike's # when he put it in an interview, and 6 years later here we are. Pretty amazing what passion and persistence will do for you. Salute!!


How bout an ice cube scarface mixtape, you could call it "Ghetto Men with Attitude"

Trackstar the DJ responded on 10/11/2011

Yo! I love the idea...I've actually got a mixtape in the planning stages with a different artist and Scarface...I hope it pans out because if it does it will be incredible... Thanks for the idea tho I'ma turn it over in my head a bit...